Many animals can be found in the wild on the Veluwe, but also in the beautiful zoos and children's farms in our area.

You can plan a wildlife safari in the Veluwe. While cycling you will visit an exclusive wildlife observation area that is only accessible under the guidance of a guide. This increases the chance of seeing wildlife. In addition, an explanation is given about the behavior and lifestyle of some of the animals in the Park.

A visit to a zoo or petting zoo is also possible.


Dieren beleving

aap.JPG Apenheul

De Apenheul in Apeldoorn, 12 km from the campsite
For more than 50 years the best day out between the free roaming monkeys! In this beautiful green park on the Veluwe you will experience a unique experience among more than 300 monkeys.

Spotting monkeys for a day is not only special, but also educational and recognizable. Of all animals, monkeys are most similar to humans.

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varken.JPG Binky

Binky in Apeldoorn, 6 km from the campsite
Surrounded by animals and a green environment, you and your children can come and play at Kinderparadijs Malkenschoten in Apeldoorn, also known as Binky!

Binky is the largest petting zoo in Apeldoorn and is also a play paradise with all kinds of fun attractions and activities for children. In short, all the ingredients to go out with your children.

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leeuw.JPG Burgers Zoo

Burgers' Zoo in Arnhem, 20 km from the campsite
Animals in their natural environment. This is reflected in the eco-displays, in which animals, plants and climate together reflect a real living environment.

Burgers' Zoo in Arnhem distinguishes itself through its eco-displays, where large-scale natural living environments have been recreated in which the visitor, together with nature and animals, is part of it.

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