Arrangements 2020

To make your stay even more pleasant, we have prepared a number of arrangements for you. Below are the arrangements for the holidays. Further on the page the other arrangements.

Holiday arrangements including late checkout (12:00 pm)

Fri April 10 - Mon 13 April € 195,-
Wed 20 May - Sun 24 May € 249,-
Fri 29 May - Mon 1 June € 195,-
Ascension Day + Pentecost  
Wed 20 May - Mon 1 June € 599,-
Terug naar Toen  
Fri 4 September - Mon 7 September  € 195,-

croissant.jpg Breakfast

Relaxed wake up without worry. This is possible with a delicious breakfast that we provide for you. We offer 2 types of breakfast:

Standard breakfast: € 6,75 p.p.p.n.
2 fresh baked breads, 1 croissant, 2 sorts of meat, cheese, sprinkles, jam, and fresh fruit.
Luxury breakfast: € 8,50 p.p.p.n.

Like standard breakfast with fresh orange juice, crackers, rusk and a fresh hard boiled egg, coffeepad and a tea bag.


bike.jpg Cycling

Our environment is perfect for beautiful bike rides. You can rent various bikes, including standard bikes, electric bikes, racing bikes and more.

Prices for adults start from € 9.50 per day to € 79, - per week.

The bikes are ready for you on arrival including a cycle route map.


Easter breakfast arrangement for 2 people
A well-filled Easter basket, including a nice and reusable souvenir for € 14.50.

Klompenpad package for 2 people
A well-filled backpack with goodies and a Klompenpad route map for € 12.50.

Bicycle package for 2 people
1 day 2 standard bikes, a junction card and a filled picnic basket for € 29.50.

De Luxe bicycle package for 2 people
1 day 2 electric bicycles, a junction card and a filled picnic basket for € 49.50.

Relaxed evening arrangement for 2 people
Carafe with Magic Tea from Sister Evie, bottle of house wine (red, dry white or sweet white), various nuts / savory snacks, toasts, baguette and spreads for € 27.50.

Warm "winter" evening package for 2 people
Hot chocolate from Sister Evie, marshmallows and a carafe of Magic Tea from Sister Evie for € 15.00.

The above prices are based on 2 people, of course we can adjust the package for several people.